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Queer Star Wars • Hosted by Pink Milk

Queer Star Wars • Hosted by Pink Milk

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Hello, I’m Bryan, the creator & one of the hosts of Pink Milk! I hope to create a SPACE where we can talk about Star Wars! Whether that’s our favorite movie, show or to talk about who we think the hottest character is or who we ship together. So, if you want to dig deep or just gush about something silly in Star Wars come join us. Let’s create a great Star Wars community for us queer folk & our friends! The Pink Milk Mantra: We are Star Wars Fans We Suport Each Other We Have Fun! We have a morning show podcast for those “Forced” to listen with husbands, Bryan and Tom. And, we have a late night livestream for deep-dives and thirst with Star Wars super fans: Bryan, Em, Mark and Chase! We’re an all LGBTQ+ podcast creating content for all! Whether you’ve been a Star Wars fan for forty years or for forty minutes come hang out and let’s talk some Star Wars! Find us on YouTube & where ever you listen to your podcasts!


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