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Plant & Gardening Peeps 🪴

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Hey there! Im Tyler & im pretty obsessed with plants. I started collecting in 2018 but Covid plants really took over so now I’m here and love to make planty content or give any advice I can so feel free to always message me or ask the space because no question is dumb no matter how simple it may be. We’re all here to grow after all 🌱 This is a safe space for us to share our plants & gardening, ask for advice, & just talk about stuff in general. Everyone is welcome especially beginners or people looking to start with plants or gardening as we all start somewhere ✨🌱 Personal IG: 🐻 Plant IG: 🪴


#plantdaddy #plantparent #plantmom #plantpeople #plantadvice #planttips #planthelp #lgbtqiaplants #plantserotonin #gardening #outsideplants #terrariums #landscaping #composting

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