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Queer Thread Art

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A space for queer thread artists to discuss their work and ideas, including crossstitch, embroidery, and other textile art!


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What you can see in this Space

Hey, everyone! I thought I’d share the piece I’ve been working on for about a week now. My favorite piece of literature is Dante’s Inferno, in which he travels through the circles of hell in order to make it to the other side, to purgatory and eventually heaven/paradise. After its original release, a lot of artists created art depicting what was in the work, including maps of what Dante described.
Ohhhh I love that, I’ve got a book I’ve not read yet but seems to talk a lot about that sort of thing, it’s called “queering the subversive stitch, men and the culture of needle work” I’ve done some work in cross stitch too, working with front covers of vintage gay magazines
If anyone already in our group knows of any other artists (queer or allies) who work with thread (in whatever medium), please help me spread the word of this group! I’d really love to build a vibrant community of fellow queer thread artists! ❤️🌈
I was thinking I can start posting some of the really cool queer thread art by other artists that I come across on social media.
Haha I feel like any thread art created by a queer person counts as “queer thread art”!! I say post what you want. This is a supportive group. 🌈
I can’t remember if I ever shared pics from this recent piece of mine. Dante’s Inferno is my fave piece of literature, and this is a centuries old wood etching that is a map of hell. (I love creepy stuff like this hehe.)
Yeah, once completed the Mapplethorpe piece will have taken about two years to complete. Though I have of course worked on other projects in that time as well. With a piece as large as it is, converting the image into a pattern doesn’t require lowering the res, so maybe a bit easier tbh
I really want this space to be a forum where we can gather a bunch of queer thread artists to share their work and their inspirations!!
I haven’t done too many crossstitch pieces with text, but one of the first pieces I ever did was a round piece with flowers and text that said “literally whenever Satan” (a riff on the phrase “not today Satan”) 😂
Finally finished my latest piece tonight, which is a re-creation of a woodcut from the 1500s depicting Dante’s version of hell from his Divine Comedy
Sorry Abby, I missed your question! It depends on the piece, but smaller pieces like these monster masks typically take 3-4 days or so.
Feel free to share some of your work in here! Bonus points if it’s queer thread art of any kind!
Also, I’m still looking to bring more thread artists into this space, so if you know of any, please invite them in (or let me know and I’ll reach out!)
Fruitbowl is a popular podcast about queer sex that has created multiple spaces here in the app. Fruitbowl After Dark is a private space dedicated to talking specifically about sexy times.
Hey, everyone! How’s everyone doing? Any thread artists wanna share what they’re currently working on??
Yeah, the entire piece is drawn onto the fabric already. Now just putting thread over ink.
Thank you! If you know of any other artists who may be interested in joining us — especially other thread artists — feel free to invite them!
My cross stitch has been much less detailed than yours! I’m very impressed with your patience and eyesight. How do you convert the photo into a pattern? I did it by reducing the image into really low resolution then basically zooming in really close, but it’s a bit of a nightmare
Thank you! Still getting acquainted with spaces :) but I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and drag queen :) and I just had a children’s book come out! That counts for the content in this thread right? I’d love to share
My current piece is of one of those maps, which was done as a wood etching in the 1600s. :)
Here’s a sneak peak of what I’m currently working on! The plan is to auction it off on social media and donate the sale to Planned Parenthood.
Hey all! I just realized that I never shared he finished product of the piece I recently completed!
And right now I’m working on a much larger version of the floating “leather daddy” head that is actually the featured image for this Space! It’ll likely take me around a month.
Well, work on your time, of course, but if anyone in this group can maybe help out, feel free to ask! And can’t wait to see your next piece!
I’m still hard at work on my current piece, which is that map of Dante’s Inferno. I’m hoping to maybe finish it this weekend!
I love this method of thread art! Genius! *goes to shop and buys 10 sieves 😂😂
I’ve actually thought about creating and selling packs of some of my own original pieces. They’re a bit more complicated than most kits, but the thing with cross stitch is that it’s not overly complicated, just time intensive!
Here’s the piece I’m currently working on
I finished a new piece last night! Will post a pic of it later today!
Thanks! I really appreciate it. I’m working my way through the book myself but the embroidery and overall work of the nuns who did it is amazing.

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