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A place for leftists to organize, and strategize. Not a place for centrists or establishment democrats. When they go low, we go lower 😎 🤙🏻🤙🏼🤙🏽🤙🏾🤙🏿


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What you can see in this Space

I actually had this sort of watershed moment when I got sober and got involved in AA (which is actually an explicitly anarchist structure in governance and has been continuously governed that way for over 80 years) and I saw the crazy amount of sustaining social impact I had by working one on one with other addicts and being a good community member and I was just like “wow, what if we’ve been approaching this all wrong”
This one was with Black people: they don’t see/don’t trust climate activists; climate change is very important, but not as important as other racial justice issues (suggesting that they view racial Justice and climate Justice as separate); Biden is old, pointless, promise breaker; congress is useless; dems in congress outnumbered (which is untrue in the House, but interesting that it’s viewed that way!); willingly to make sacrifices for the climate while recognizing the world (China, India) needs to as well
In happier local news: Eunisses Hernandez has pulled into the lead for the LA City Council District 1 race. This isn’t a primary for the office; if she maintains her lead she just wins the office. Also, Kenneth Mejia has won top two for City Controller, and has twice as many votes as the next in line.
I think there’s a certain level of violence the right has used to galvanize people into action that could be…not completely mirrored, but appropriated by the left. I think they’ve written a fairly successful playbook around how to mobilize through fear, and exploitation. What they did to Cawthorne is a great example of it. Not saying we have to set out to brainwash people lol but there’s certainly more we can do than create viral twitter threads that rarely translate into real-world action
Per the latest ballot drops, Eunisses Hernandez has won the city council district 1 election, by a margin of 2K votes. That margin is expected to grow as more votes are tallied. Her election, along with Kenneth Mejia advancing to the runoff, flies in the face of a bunch of out-of-state (looking at you, NYT) reporting about how progressives were dealt a defeat in this election. They decided to run with that narrative before the votes were counted. It’s…telling.
From the groups so far, it seems like the Black focus group understands this. But the other groups don’t see the connection between race and climate change. In fact, they’re antagonistic to expressing that idea in messaging. Mind you, all of these groups are POC. So 😣
I feel like it’s useful to examine both their races and take cues from them. Eunisses Hernandez went door-to-door to meet people and get her name out there, where her opponent Gil Cedillo had been in office for 9 years and has the financial backing of enormous property development companies. Kenneth Mejia is a community activist and CPA, who leveraged his CPA license to pose the question: shouldn’t the person who audits the city budget be an accountant?
honestly I’ve identified as an anarchist for such a long time, but the massive influx of people (mostly young white people) who were introduced to anarchist politics through the George Floyd protests in 2020 has made me start to dig back into Marx for some sort of intellectual structure, because it’s all vitriol and virtue signaling and nobody knows what they’re fucking talking about
On a whole, they really do see the racial implications. The issue is they have more acute issues in front of them (gun violence, racism, poverty, etc.) they even understand that climate change is actually already acute, but it’s still not tangible in a way that puts it at the top. Most gave it a 6 or 7 out of 10.
Perfect example: their refusal to do shit about the filibuster. Their refusal to impeach Clarence Thomas for assisting in an attempted coup d’état. The Dems keep doing speechy-speeches on the floor of Congress and think that’s sufficient. The speeches get picked up on MSNBC, NowThis, and OccupyDemocrats, and then they disappear into the ether; no action, just a li’l speech and a hope that you might donate and vote—provided votes count anymore.
Save for Black and Indigenous groups, the communities in our focus groups (MENA, API, and Latine) all thought there was no real connection between racism and climate change. In fact, some where antagonistic to the idea.
Locally, we’re looking at the city council elections. Nithya Raman and Eunisses Hernandez are on my radar, though my own council member (John Lee) sucks and is not up for election. I do feel kind of limited, though: I’m in Los Angeles; I want to keep making good choices here, but I want to affect change in places where leftist voices are silenced in ways much worse than what I’ve got it here.
You know, it strikes me that if they wanted, the Dems could abolish the filibuster, codify the right to terminate a pregnancy into federal law, and expand the Supreme Court quickly. They won’t, of course, because they’re addicted to the idea of decorum and love fundraising off of this shit, but they should. After all, overturning Roe was always the threat, right? Give the Republicans their way or they’ll overturn Roe. Well, they got their way and overturned it anyhow. That bullet has been well and truly fired.
there was this woman on TikTok who was really open about how she got sober in Colorado and had this therapist who was a white lady who called herself a shaman? and got sucked into this world of like white-people shamanism? super culty and fucked up for a number of reasons. people are really vulnerable due to trauma a lot of times when they get sober and latch onto the first person who seems sure of what they believe in. happened to me too, but in a different context
AA is a community globally of over 2 million people that is governed by direct democracy. there are no leaders. nobody is in charge. even the people who work at the central office work in a rotating format so that nobody has the same job for more than 2 years
It’s getting worse here, isn’t it. I live in NW Los Angeles, on the border of LA and Ventura counties. Seeing a sharp uptick in…I dunno, aggressive, borderline-violent jingoism, I guess? Point is, this shit is happening everywhere.
oh jeez, yeah I mean like I have the same feelings, but with less of the early 20s angst. I had the unique opportunity of having been a Berkeley student at the height of Occupy while I was living in a co-op. so I got to experience directly democratically community structures on the street and in my own housing situation and it just dramatically altered my expectation of what was possible in the world
but we need structural change in a big way. and the direct action tactics of the last 30 years are not working. like if you go back to like Earth First in the 90s, like all the way through the Bush era and then Occupy, Ferguson, George Floyd
Whew, I’ve heard the same from a few Black folks. I wonder if they realize how closely connected climate change is to racial justice, or if they’re more focused on the present than the future? Environmental racism has been such a huge factor in inequality and inequity.
I think it speaks to my greater issue: there is a fear, within establishment Dems, of being portrayed as extreme leftist socialist commie pinkos or whatever. Problem is, even if they do nothing—or track to the right politically—they’re still going to be portrayed as extreme leftist socialist commie pinkos BECAUSE they’re democrats. So, why not lean in and try some governing for once, despite that?
Thing is, from the focus groups people do care, they actually care a lot! They actually want more info so they can discuss it with others. The issue is that there are so many other acute issues happening that it’s hard for people to give it top billing. Even if you argue that nothing else really matters if the world is not inhabitable, it’s hard for someone to grasp that if they don’t have health care or food today.
white anarchists love to talk a lot about how there are Black anarchists in their spaces too, but in my experience it’s been very tokenistic. like people like to point to Franz Fanon as a Black revolutionary, but Fanon was a fucking Marxist lmfao
How has that critique of policing (as an example) gone? Last I saw, rather than defunding, the leftist stance, Biden wants to expand police funding. Because “vote blue no matter who!”
Now, some good news: everyone wanted more information. Details, numbers, stats, data. Common refrain is that it takes stories to move folks, not numbers. While that’s true, it’s likely more true for people who aren’t already on our side. Of course you don’t want to be wonky with language. But people don’t want dumbed down messages, either.
I’m a Christian anarcho-pacifist but YEAH. Having casual conversations with anarchists I don’t know is exhausting—I get wanting to break shit, but some people will still need kidney dialysis once you’re done tearing every system down to the ground. In my experience it’s rooted in a lot of privilege, and being so angry that any implied moderation is treated as some kind of class betrayal.
and in AA usually once every 2 or 3 months a group will have a business meeting to do the same thing and again, personality conflicts arise, disagreements happen, egos gets involved, everyone seethes in resentment at everyone
but then Occupy encampments got litigated to death (state power means they can break your political will by racking up misdemeanor charges against you and scaring the shit out of you), just like a lot of the organizers I know during 2020 and then I had to move to SoCal to get sober so I got sort of separated from it all
not that I’m about to become a Tankie, but I’ve been listening to this Black transgender ML on Twitter spaces talk about Marx and Engels and it’s just been really grounding. like “oh yeah, if none of this is rooted in understanding of material conditions and class analysis then we’re absolutely fucked”
Just left a focus group that I’m project managing where we’re learning about different demographics responses to climate change messaging.
but at the end of the day we’re all committed to the same common goal and structures and principles of self-governance, so the community stays intact even through the conflict of making decisions democratically

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